About Us

Born in 2008

Zerodonto was born in 2008 as a dental blog. After more than 10 years we have understood that many people all over the world are interested in dentistry. Most of them are dental experts.

Some professionals want to share knowledge or show their skills, some others would like to reach as many colleagues as possible. Some, often post-graduate students, are looking for help to decide how to improve and learn new techniques.

We always wanted to meet these needs through our network:

  • publishing posts from worldwide renown colleagues on our main blog
  • allowing you to post your cases on MyZerodonto, a user-generated dental blog
  • organizing an international dental friendly competition on Zerodonto Contest
  • interacting every day with you on our social networks

Zerodonto Academy is our (your!) new resource. A place where it’s possible to find and add dental events. Training courses, congresses, university courses, etc.

We’re embracing a new web philosophy. New colors, new projects.

Just as with MyZerodonto, here YOU will determine the contents of the website. Feel free.

Zerodonto Academy

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