This is the page you need to start from if you want to upload a course, a webinar, a meeting in our calendar. If you choose a kind of event, you will be asked to enter a set of basic information required for it (date, title, cover image, language, branch, speaker, etc). You can also add further details. We suggest you to provide all the necessary information in the description field and to enter only a short caption in the short description/abstract field.


Add webinars and webcasts. All the online appointments – free or paid, live streamed or on demand – are accepted.

New Webinar

Here you can upload a course. Courses are generally live meetings to learn or deepen a topic. Mostly paid events.

New Course

This is the place dedicated to the largest appointments. Conferences, meetings, symposia, congresses.

New Congress

FAQ: Frequently asked questions

Zerodonto Academy is a free resource, you do not have to pay anything. All you need to do is create a free profile to have access to a personal area where you can manage all your uploaded events.

You can always ask for help sending an email to and we will try to help you with your issue as soon as possible.

The short description is important because it is also shown on the homepage in the event preview. But only a few lines will be visible, so be concise! The description, on the other side, allows you to add all the necessary and in-depth information to convince potential participants. These fields are very different from each other, but both should be filled in.

We are able to create customised packages to advertise your event in our network through organic traffic on our websites and social media channels and through paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.

The events you posted that are already approved can be reached and edited here:
At the end of the changes click on EDIT COURSE and the event will be resubmitted for moderation.

If you want to access your event to edit it again before our review, check on draft and then click on EDIT COURSE. This way you will keep it as a draft and it will be visible only to you.
If you want to submit it for moderation, check Awaiting for revision and then click EDIT COURSE. Then we will check it as soon as possible and it will be online soon.