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12 Marketing Ideas To Make Your Practice Be Different

01 August 2020 |  25,00
12 Marketing Ideas To Make Your Practice Be Different


This Online Marketing Course is a short overview of real-life marketing activities, that are either low-cost or no-cost and easy to implement.

The aim of this course is to make dentists aware of where the inside of the whole selling process is marketing, and what other components are needed to complete the whole circle.

Quick and easy ideas to promote yourself and bring more patients to your office. Don’t miss it!

So don ́t wait and register today!

What you will learn 

This Online Marketing Course gives you 12 ideas on easy to implement, no-cost or low-cost marketing ideas.

Among many other things you will learn:

–       12 Marketing tips

–       Real-life approaches, that helped to grow real offices

–       Sales Funnel and its importance for the office


Speaker Profile

Dr. Gómez is Spaniard and DDS, MD and PhD from the University of Tübingen, Germany.

Since 1995, Dr. Gómez has been in tight contact with the dental industry. He worked in the headquarters of a big dental corporation for three years.

Since 1999, Dr. Gómez has held over 400 lectures, seminars, and hands-on workshops in 42 different countries all over the world, many of them in Dental Business Management.

After some years in the most prestigious dental offices of Germany, Dr. Gomez finally moved to Spain in 2004, where he runs his dental office in Valencia, focusing on Esthetic Dentistry and Implants.

Spain is an extremely hostile environment to run a dental office as a business due to the legislation and the overflow of dental universities. Starting from scratch and succeeding in that environment gives the course a higher value.

Day-Date- Time

Sat-01 Aug-04:00 PM (IST)

Terms and Conditions

Seats once booked cannot be canceled

100% Payment at the time of booking

Certificate of Attendance to be received end of lecture

Live online class could be re-scheduled due to any unforeseen circumstances. You shall be notified by email on the re-scheduled date if any.


First language:
Online Live
Malabar Hill
Start Date:
01 August 2020
End Date:
01 August 2020
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