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Master In Prosthodontics And New Technologies 2020/21

01 March 2021 |  6.000,00
Master In Prosthodontics And New Technologies 2020/21

Online theoretical lessons and hands-on activities at the University of Siena to become capable of performing all prosthodontic techniques, both conventionally and digitally.

The master in Prosthodontics and new technologies is going to start with a new edition again. It was born as an agreement between Dentalnecto and the University of Siena, just as the last year. This year, due to the covid-19 pandemic all theoretical lessons will be streamed online.

This master is a part-time master. It was born for those colleagues who want to keep studying but can’t be abroad for months or years. It lasts 2 years for 120 credit hours. At the end the students will receive the academic title of Master of Science. The title will be issued by the University of Siena. In fact, there will be 5 full weeks of online lessons throughout 2 years (one week every 2/3 months). In any case, all enrolled students must be present at the University of Siena for 2 or 3 single full teaching weeks in order to attend the hands-on part of the course. We are defining the details of the schedule according to the COVID-19 pandemic spread.

Requirements and admission:

The degree in Dentistry or equipollent degree is required

• Documents needed: the degree above-mentioned; a resume (cv); a copy of your passport

• Documents you should add: Your qualifications (doctorate, masters, etc); English language certificate (TOEFL, etc)

Dentalnecto, to which students are reserved most places (38 of 40), will guarantee administrative and communication support with the university. It will also guarantee updates on teaching and will take care of communication and the technical part related to online lessons.

The total cost will be 6.000€ excl. taxes. And it won’t include the expenses related to your stay in Siena (Italy) for the hands-on classes.

The call for applications will be soon open and it will be possible to enroll within the first half of November as already written. The students will be asked to deposit a small amount of money to reserve their seat.

Our support is already started. Dentalnecto will take care of everything, so if you are determined to attend the master write an email to and we will add you to a list of interested people.


First language:
Viale Bracci,16 - 53100
Start Date:
01 March 2021
End Date:
01 March 2023
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Sorrentino Roberto, Ferrari Marco, Carboncini Fabio, Discepoli Nicola, Pontoriero Denise, Manfredini Daniele
University - University of Siena

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