Why should you share info about your events on Google?

This website was born because dentists, event planners, companies and many other people of the dental world try to post brochures in our Facebook group, every day. Facebook events, webinars, live streaming, paid or free courses, national and international meetings. The rules of our group don’t allow us to approve all that kind of stuff. Imagine what chaos! But the message was clear, there are many dental events, and people want to make them known.

Is Facebook the right place to promote events?

We organised some free webinars on dentistry during the Italian lockdown due to the pandemic spread in April/May 2020. Events born on Facebook and developed on Facebook. Free live dental webinars on our main page or our main group. It worked. Lecturers were happy because many colleagues attended and interacted with them. Attendees were thankful because we provided reliable and engaging content for free. 

free webinar zerodonto enzo foti

A webinar by Dr Enzo Foti on our Facebook group.

We have spread the news over our Facebook profiles and channels and on our Instagram profile, as well. That’s all. It worked because:

  • it was free;
  • we took advantage of Facebook events;
  • it lasted a few hours;
  • above all, because we have a big network growing since 2008.

Consider that “it lasted a few hours” also means that the day after most of the users forgets about it. The social network is a flow; a great wave always submerging the previous one. 

In any other case, just sharing a brochure in a group is not enough. It’s often spamming and (secret) Facebook does not like images full of text! Facebook is a perfect place to promote paid reach, of course. FB Ads are a powerful tool to get you in contact with a selected target audience if you know what you are doing. And if you have a budget to invest.

The difference between Facebook and a website

A meaningful difference between a social network and a website is that things from the social network are just starting to appear on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Essentially, contents remain inside the social network that is a little separate world. On the other side, the world of the Internet is significantly more profound and complicated than a social network. 


A social network is comparable to a complex website made for encouraging interaction among people. Behaviours and engagements are the food of the social network that uses that info to customise audiences (that’s why it is free). The Internet is all the rest. 

Hype and boost on social networks, then take people to a website.

Ok, it is a trivialised explanation, but it is not far from the truth.

How to rank your dental event on Google

If you want to rank your content or your event on Google, you have to put it on a website. The best you present it and the more useful information it provides, the more it will be easily findable on the web. The age and authority of the website also make their part. Thousands of rules govern Google; it is pretty hard to set a website up and fill it of good contents. But, fundamentally, this is the key. 

Google is a search engine. It means that it is a tool that you use to do researches and obtain results. The results are a list of websites that contains – hopefully – probable answers to your questions, doubts, curiosities. Someone write contents, create media, produced videos, to share knowledge and to be reached by those who search. People add these stuff in their website. You can search for info, products, services, news, images. Google will give you an answer based on the millions of websites that created contents on that topic.

Zerodonto Academy was born to allow people publishing their events on the Internet, for free. Not on social networks. Social networks are perfect for chatting about the events, even to attend an event. Good to advertise a course, a meeting. But the best place to host the info on a lecture is a website. The event will be findable on Google if you search for it. Try searching on Google for “biomimetic 2020” OR “ident evolution” OR “XII meeting Mediterraneo”, that are some of the meetings published on zerodontoacademy.com. The advantages are many more than the ones mentioned, we will post again on this topic. 

The first one, it is totally free.

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