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Awake Bruxism: from research to clinics

13 January 2021 - 15:00 |  40,00
Awake Bruxism: from research to clinics

Bruxism has gone through an impressively fast revolution over the past few years. In particular, with the very first comprehensive evaluation system on the near horizon, there is a need to implement the strategy to convey standardised messages in self-reported bruxism studies. Concerning the field of awake bruxism research, this need assumes importance in the light of the novel smartphone-based approach to the real time report of jaw muscle behaviours.
Based on that, this hands-on webinar, open to all interested clinicians and researchers, will browse participants through the main requirements to a proper prescription of the smartphone application and its use for research purposes.

Bruxism definition
Ecological Momentary Assessment and Intervention
Development of a smartphone application for awake bruxism
How to:
– make it work
– explain it
– recognise the five conditions (i.e., relaxed, bracing, teeth contact/clenching/grinding)
– assess comprehension
– evaluate compliance
– receive data from patients
– verify data validity
– send the data to reference center
Awake Bruxism multicenter project
Ongoing researches
Introduction to STAB to select items for specific researches
Panel discussion
Planning of clinical training sessions


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13 January 2021
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2021-01-13 14:00:00
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Manfredini Daniele, Bracci Alessandro, Haggman-Henrikson Birgitta, Michelotti Ambra, Colonna Anna, Ahlberg Jari, Winocur Efraim, Dias Ricardo, Koutris Michail, Osiewicz Magdalena, Almeida Andrè Mariz, Emodi-Perlman Alona
Association - Gruppo di Studio Italiano Dolore Orofacciale e Disordini Temporomandibolari - GSID
Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology, Orthodontics, Prosthodontics

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