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19 September 2024 |  500,00

The Congress programme includes 2 parallel sessions each day, workshops, and the range of experts from all over the world.

♦ Optimal Occlusion in Harmony with Jaw Motion. Application of Digital Technology in Personalized Prosthetic Dental Treatments, Prof. Takumi Ogawa »

♦ Associations between bruxism and occlusion: a personal perspective, Prof. Frank Lobbezoo »

♦ Bruxism as a muscle behavior: relationship with prosthodontics, Prof. Daniele Manfredini »

♦ Past challenges and present challenges of the total rehabilitation challenges of the All-On-4® total rehabilitation, Dr Paolo Malo »

♦ Interdisciplinary dentistry: Occlusion aspects, clinical cases, Prof. Emilio Carlos Zanatta »

♦ Occlusion and TMD: insights in the invisible, Prof. Marc Schmitter »

♦ Re-enameling concept a biologic approach (BOPT) for crown restorations, back to the future with the feather-edge preparation, and cubic zirconia, Dr Marco Nicastro »

♦ Mechanical and Virtual Articulators in the New Era: The Role of Facial Scanners and Jaw Tracking Systems, Prof. Guillermo Pradies »

♦ Occlusal errors in treatment planning with ceramic veneers, Dr Maciej Żarow »

♦ Can occlusion disorders be seen in radiological examinations? Prof. Ingrid Różyło-Kalinowska »

♦ May botox application affect occlusion? Dr Matteo Val »

♦ Occlusion analysis in dental treatment – when, what and how? Prof. Jan Pietruski »

♦ Occlusion and Function in Oral Rehabilitations– new possibilities in the era of digital dentistry, Prof. Albert Mehl »

♦ Outcome Driven Occlusal Rehabilitation: Going from Z to A, Prof. Phophi Kamposiora »

♦ Occlusal Schemes for Complete Dentures, Prof. Argirios Pissiotis »

♦ How to choose materials for occlusal reconstruction, Prof. Daniele Rondoni »

♦ Occlusal changes in relation to the age, Prof. Norbert Enkling »

♦ Occlusion and Cognitive Functions, Prof. Hana Hubalkova »

♦ Staged extraction approach: Transition from hopeless dentition to full-arch fixed-implant-supported rehabilitation, Prof. Eitan Mijiritsky »

♦ Designing the full mounth implant rehabilitation – from FP1 tp FP3, Dr Stavros Pelekanos »

♦ The role of bruxism in the occlusion reconstruction, Dr hab. Aleksandra Nitecka-Buchta »

♦ Occlusion Guided Immediate Implant Based Rehabilitation of Severely Compromized Maxilla with Simultaneous LeFort 1 and Zygomatic Implants, Prof. Andrzej Wojtowicz »

♦ A Third Eye Looking at Dental Occlusion in the Era of Digital Printing, Prof. Waleed Elshahawy »

♦ Prosthetic rehabilitation in chronic pain patients – common pitfalls and a key to success, Dr Aleksandra Zumbrunn-Wojczyńska »


First language:
The Stanislaw Moniuszko Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic
Start Date:
19 September 2024
End Date:
21 September 2024
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Elshahawy Waleed, Enkling Norbert, Hubalkova Hana, Kamposiora Phophi, Lobbezoo Frank, Malo Paulo, Manfredini Daniele, Mehl Albert, Mijiritsky Eitan, Nicastro Marco, Nitecka Buchta Aleksandra, Ogawa Takumi, Pelekanos Stavros, Pieralli Stefano, Pietruski Jan, Pissiotis Argirios, Rondoni Danieel, Rondoni Danieel, Różyło Kalinowska Ingrid, Sayinsu Korkmaz, Schmitter Marc, Val Matteo, Wojtowicz Andrzej, Zanatta Emilio Carlos, Zumbrunn-Wojczyńska Aleksandra, Żarow Maciej, Pradies Guillermo
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The Stanislaw Moniuszko Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic - Bialistok, Podlachia, Poland + Google Map

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