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24 October 2024 |  350,00

The scientific committee has put together an inspiring programme structured around three daily themes. These will focus on ‘The fundamentals’, ‘State of the art – certainties’ and ‘Beyond the limits’. As always, the congress will bring together experts to debate the latest evidence-based practice, with a strong focus on take-home techniques for daily use in your clinic. The meeting will continue the EAO’s tradition of partnering with respected local associations, and will share the stage with the Italian Academy for Osseointegration (IAO) and the Italian Society of Periodontology (SIdP). Their well-respected scientific and professional perspectives will form an important additional element of the meeting. This will be the EAO’s second visit to Italy in a decade following its 2014 congress in Rome. We are looking forward to welcoming you to modern and lively Milan, which offers unique opportunities both socially and culturally. There are so many reasons to attend this meeting. It will combine a unique mixture of cutting-edge presentations and opportunities to network with distinguished colleagues, while spending time in a beautiful European city. Most importantly, the programme is top-notch, and the speaker lineup represents the best professionals in the field of implant dentistry and related specialities. On behalf of the EAO, the IAO and the SIdP, we look forward to seeing you in Milan.


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Mico Milano Congressi
Start Date:
24 October 2024
End Date:
26 October 2024
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Implantology, Periodontology


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