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ITI World Symposium 2024 – Singapore

09 May 2024 | FREE
ITI World Symposium 2024 – Singapore

World class

More than 50 of implant dentistry’s brightest minds and opinion leaders report on the latest evidence and treatment options.


A program made up of 5 sessions built around 9 real patients and exclusive clinical videos narrated live by the treating top clinicians.


Join more than 4,000 implant dentistry professionals from around the world, meet new and old friends and exchange experiences in the famously family-like atmosphere of the ITI.


Follow lectures in your own language. We are offering more than 50 languages in simultaneous translation with the help of AI.

More than 50 experts

Opinion leaders from around the world deliver the latest evidence on contemporary treatment workflows.


First language:
Singapore Expo
Start Date:
09 May 2024
End Date:
11 May 2024
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Eirik Aasland Salvesen, Abou-Ayash Samir, Aghaloo Tara, Al-Nawas Bilal, Araujo Mauricio, Bedrossian Edmond, Bertl Kristina, Carrión Juan Blanco, Buser Daniel, Casentini Paolo, Chappuis Vivianne, Chen Stephen, Chien Edward Chaoho, Chmielewska Maja, Chow James, Cofar Florin, Karim Dada, Dagnelid Marcus, Daniellot Guillaume, De Stavola Luca, De Tapia Pastor Beatriz, Doliveux Romain, Donos Nikos, Flügge Tabea, Francisco Helena, French David, Fromovich Ophir, Gallucci German, Gonzaga Luiz, Hamilton Adam, Heitz-Mayfield Lisa, Janner Simone, Jarry Christian, Joda Tim, Jung Ronald, Kämmerer Peer, Kamran Taimoor, Kan Joseph, Kloss Frank, Lambert France, Lang Niklaus, Lanis Alejandro, Lawand Ghida, Lazarin Rafael, Lewis emma, Leziy Sonia, Linares González Antonio, Lorenzana Eduardo, Lorenzana Eduardo, Nikos Mattheos, Molina Villar Ana, Nart Josè, Neugebauer Jörg, Ortiz-Vigón Alberto, Papaspryidakos Panos, Leon Pariente, Paternò Holtzman Lucrezia, Payer Michael, Joan Pi-Anfruns, Pirc Miha, Polido Waldemar, Algirdas Puisys, Raeber George, Rakasevic Dragana, Renvert Stefan, Renvert Stefan, Roccuzzo Mario, Röhling Stefan, Sailer Irena, Ignacio Sanz Martin, Schiegnitz Eik, Schlee MArkus, Schwarz Frank, Sculean Anton, Shahdad Shakeel, Stefanini Martina, Steigmann Larissa, Stilwell Charlotte, Chanting Sun Teresa, Tahmaseb Ali, Tan Philip, Tavelli Lorenzo, Teo Marlene, Gabor Tepper, Thoma Daniel, Torsello Ferruccio, Tunkel Jonchen, Urban Istvan, Van Dooren Eric, Vietor Kay, Wang Hom-Lay, Wismeijer Daniel, Zarrine Sepehr, Zitzmann Nicola, Zucchelli Giovanni, Aparicio Carlos
society - ITI
Implantology, Prosthodontics


Singapore Expo - Singapore, Padang, Malesia + Google Map


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